It’s Something This Time

It’s a pretty quiet morning, except for the 3,893th rumor about some kind of OPEC agreement (which, again, was dismissed). Glancing at small cap equities, it’s startling how swiftly they undid the damage from two Fridays ago (tinted below): Of more interest to me is the somewhat larger picture. Although the parallel is far from perfect, […]

Worldwide Collapse in Throw Pillows

I am constantly picking on Pier One here on Slope (here’s a specific one), and with good reason – – I think it’s heading for another collapse, just like it did during the financial crisis (when scented candles and useless imported trinkets fell out of favor). I think we’ve got a long way to go […]

Third Time Not the Charm

OK, I’ll say it: this market is officially pissing me off. I know, I know. “Trade what you see before you.” I won’t comment on that advice. I’ll simply point out the following very simple facts: The Internet bubble that peaked in early 2000 was clean and simple. The break happened, it retraced, and it […]
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