Follow This Apple Trend For Now

With the stock struggling to gain any momentum, Apple (AAPL) actually continues seeing the earnings estimates riding higher. The previous investment research on the stock recommended owning this stock as long as the earnings trend remains positive. Trading at roughly 9x the '16 estimates ex-cash, Apple is too cheap. At the current price of $118, the stock appears ready to surge higher into

Apple Loses Its Cool

The Tao of Steve In the movie “The Tao of Steve” (2000), the lead character associates the name “Steve” with cool, charismatic men such as the actor Steve McQueen. Apple (AAPL) co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs was famously cool and charismatic, and when he passed away three years ago, investors wondered what impact that would […]

Apple: Don’t Overlook The Tablet Potential

The stagnating tablet market still has long-term potential. The iPad product line still remains the best option for Apple to diversify away from the dominance of the phone products. Apple remains an extremely cheap stock with the iPad Pro providing a potential catalyst for the stock.          The market projections for the tablet market offer a

Apple: Best Tasting Bear Ever?

Apple trades down to correction territory with a loss in excess of 20%. The data points don't suggest Apple has any growth problems in China. With an enterprise value drop of nearly 30%, Apple is extremely tasty at below 9x EPS estimates. The big shock in the market selloff is that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) had already reached bear market territory before the dramatic

Apple: Focus On This Trend

Apple's stock price has followed the EPS trend over the last five years. The large level of stock buybacks provides a massive tailwind to keep the EPS trend positive. Investors should use the attractive value and earnings trend to buy the stock on any dip caused by Greece. For most stocks, and specifically Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), only one trend ultimately matters.

It Appears That Icahn Is Right About Apple In One Regard

Summary Though Icahn has overly aggressive forecasts for Apple, he has one point that appears very accurate. Icahn suggests mutual funds are under invested in Apple, but he has not made the case for funds actually having more cash to invest in the stock. Apple's PE continues to inversely relate to the market cap. After some very bullish media reports

Update: Apple Q4 ’14 Earnings

Summary Apple reported Q4'14 earnings. The stock remains a solid buy. The strong results and guidance due to the iPhone 6 were predicted to struggle to have a material impact on the stock. After the close on Monday, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) reported Q4'14 earnings for the quarter ended in September of $1.42 that easily beat analyst estimates of $1.31. In

Apple’s Xiaomi Problem

Summary Xiaomi is increasingly becoming a threat to Apple outside China. Long-term growth potential in Asia appears capped to very high-end users. Regardless, Apple's stock offers the potential for market type gains. The biggest problem facing Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) long-term is that it's losing the competitive gap to mid-level smartphone and tablet makers.

The Health App Is Intriguing For Apple, But Data Suggests It Won’t Move The Needle

Health monitoring offers immense potential, though it might not move the needle for Apple. History suggests consumers and doctors aren't motivated to use health records. With the big three of Apple, Google, and Samsung fighting it out over the health hub, the innovation isn't unique enough for a game changer. In my last article on Apple (AAPL), I

What To Do Now With Apple

Summary Stock split likely pushed Apple to near all-time highs. Apple still lacks a leap forward in innovation. Still, stock has more upside based on multiple expansion. After the stock split and a surge toward record highs and a double top around $95, the big question now is whether Apple (AAPL) offers investors any value. The stock has surged over the last year
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