Friday The Thirteenth

Stan and I were asked an interesting question yesterday, which was whether we had any historical stats for how equities tend to perform on Friday the Thirteenth. We don’t, and I don’t recall ever seeing any. Has anyone seen stats on this? Interesting question and if I ever have some free time I might work […]

Wild Morning

We’re only a few hours into the trading day, and there’s already a lot happening. I’m watching the Trump press conference right now, and his words are definitely pushing sectors around, including, notably biotech. My Mexican short idea, shown below, continues to break down nicely, and the core failure (that long red horizontal line) is […]

Deceptively Close

I was saying on Wednesday last week that ES, then six handles under the all time high, was deceptively close to the all time high, and that was because ES was already making heavy weather of getting through to retesting it. Nine days later ES is seven handles under the ATH at the time of […]
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