Are We Out of the Woods Yet?

First published Sun Jan 1 for members of  Last weekend (Christmas weekend), I noted that set ups such as we have been seeing in the GDX usually lead to strong rallies which can see a 10% move higher quite quickly.  Since then, the GDX ran 19% from its recent lows, with Thursday (Dec 29) alone […]

The Times They Are A Changin’

2017 is likely to be an interesting year, and the tape has already shaken off the December cobwebs and is moving again. On the bigger picture the chart below is how I’m seeing SPX on the monthly chart here, and the key message is that the bull market from the 2009 low here is most […]

Searching for the Origins of the Universe in Chile’s Desert

Chile may not jump right to mind as a technology hub. But it turns out that Chile is home to some of the world’s largest and most extraordinary technology projects, stretching from Santiago to the Atacama Desert. Hello World’s host Ashlee Vance traveled to Chile for two weeks to explore the country’s tech scene. SHOW…

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The Fed Wind Always Blows

FOMC day again today and as ever I’m astounded by the number of people hanging onto Yellen’s every word, and what a market moving event this tends to be. Even more amazing is the importance that everyone seems to attach to the Fed’s ‘control’ of interest rates, and in the event that they show a […]
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