The Times They Are A Changin’

2017 is likely to be an interesting year, and the tape has already shaken off the December cobwebs and is moving again. On the bigger picture the chart below is how I’m seeing SPX on the monthly chart here, and the key message is that the bull market from the 2009 low here is most […]

Ho Ho Ho Hum

The tape is low volume and has been pretty dull this week on indexes, particularly on NDX/NQ. Volume is unlikely to increase much before next week and the tape may well remain boring, though at the time of writing ES and TF are making a spirited attempt at converted the weekly pivots there to resistance, […]

Looking For Retracement Here

Yesterday was a an unexpected trend day. Usually trend days arrive on Stan’s cycle trend days but not always and yesterday was one of those exceptions. The double bottom targets that I gave on Monday morning for ES, NQ & TF have now all been made, and obviously this move is developing faster than I […]
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