The Global War on Cash – Lessons from History

Introduction Regular readers will be fully up to speed on the Reserve Bank of India’s botched attempt at a handbrake turn style demonetisation thanks to Jerri-Lynn Scofield’s thorough coverage (see here, here and here for more background on this sorry tale). But the Indian government’s attempt at implementing a strategy of moving an economy away from physical cash […]

GT Group’s Protean Ian Taylor in the UK: Reuters’ Special Report on 43 Bedford Street, and More

Mail Boxes Etc. declined to name the company formation agent renting mail box 11, citing a policy of client confidentiality. Reuters Special Reports (Tom Bergin), Dec  5th 2016 By Richard Smith Happily for curious readers, this blogger has no such constraints or inhibitions: directly or indirectly, the gentleman in control of the mailbox at Office […]

Japan Isn’t Playing Neoliberalism’s Word Games

Has the progressive left in western democracies forgotten how to embrace the mainstream? When I compare the approach which anti-neoliberal causes take in the U.S. and Europe with the approach taken by the same causes in Asian countries, especially Japan, I can only say yes, it has. One explanation for how pro-labor movements have been […]

Deutsche Bank and a $10Bn Money Laundering Nightmare: More Context Than You Can Shake a Stick at

Deutsche Bank's $10Bn: the shell company back story
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