Glu Mobile Set To Crush Q1 Guidance

The new celebrity game is a big hit even prior to the official release. The Kendall & Kylie game brings an additional game into the celebrity theme to test the ability to incrementally grow the concept. Based on initial success, Glu Mobile is on pace to smash Q1 guidance. After the failed release of the Katy Perry Pop game, Glu Mobile (NASDAQ:GLUU) sank an incredible amount. The

Glu Mobile – QuizUp Potential

Along with the Q4 release was news that Glu Mobile (GLUU) purchased game developer Plain Vanilla Corp. The company paid $7.5 million in a convertible note for a minority stake in the maker of the game QuizUp. The deal apparently gives Glu the opportunity to purchase the company in the next 15 months at a pre-agreed price. The deal involves Glu Mobile helping Plain Vanilla develop a QuizUp

Glu Mobile: Opportunities Abound, Execution Struggles Persist

Glu Mobile easily surpassed Q4 estimates despite the Katy Perry game flopping. Sustaining games and new investments provide a huge opportunity going forward. The valuation of the stock is already pricing in further game failures not supported by beta tests. Glu Mobile's (NASDAQ:GLUU) Q4 earnings release and conference call were filled with unanswered questions and promising

Glu Mobile: Katy Perry Pop Game Targets

With the soft release of the Katy Perry Pop game yesterday,  Glu Mobile (GLUU) investors need to keep in mind the following records set with the release of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. A lot of the milestones provided by Glu Mobile aren't specific numbers so some difficulty exists in matching up the success of the two games. Guess the ultimate key is reaching the #5 top grossing position on the

Glu Mobile: Celebrity Theme Shows Encouraging Promise

Glu Mobile is a bargain trading below $3.50 even without a hit. The celebrity games offer the promise for another big hit with several opportunities in the pipeline. The surprising success of celebrity games over the Thanksgiving holiday should spark interest in the stock. The prime reason my investment thesis on Glu Mobile (NASDAQ:GLUU) didn't change

Glu Mobile: More Staying Power

Glu Mobile produced Q2 '15 numbers above analyst estimates. The mobile game developer continues to see strong staying power from the top franchises. The stock is incredibly cheap at less than 2x 2016 revenue estimates set to rock higher based on games slipping from 2015.          Each and every quarter, Glu Mobile (NASDAQ:GLUU) produces improving results while the market

Are Mobile Game Developers Overlooked?

Mobile game developers are struggling now, but investors shouldn't overlook the valuation prospects when the stocks turn around. Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard don't offer any growth, yet the market is rewarding these stocks higher valuations. Investors should review how the console game developers turned around weak prospects to huge stock gains before dismissing

Glu Mobile: Realistic 2020 Projections?

Glu Mobile provided aggressive 2020 revenue projections. The long-term forecasts don't match the short-term forecasts presented in each earnings report. The analysis suggests the 2020 projections are more probable due to emerging mobile-game trends and a consistent history of beating short-term targets. The stock is attractively valued at around $6.50 based on the

Glu Mobile: Aligning The Stars

Summary Glu Mobile signs the Jenner sisters to the celebrity game platform. The sisters have a social media following similar to when the Kim Kardashian game was announced back in late 2013. Along with the Katy Perry game, Glu Mobile appears set to yet again smash conservative revenue forecasts for 2015. Going over nine months after watching the stock soar

Glu Mobile: Katy Perry Games Has Double The Revenue Potential

Summary Glu Mobile smashed Q4 earnings estimates due to in large part to the lasting success of the Kim Kardashian game. The mobile game developer signed an exclusive deal with Katy Perry to produce a game for release in late 2015. Stock remains attractively priced at only $530 million with huge potential upside from the Katy Perry game due to large fan base.
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