Lihua International Investor Day

Last night Lihua International (LIWA) held an investor day at their HQ and manufacturing facilities. Ok, so it was really 10am local time in China, but it was at 9pm my time. The presentation portion included a video link for those that couldn't make the trip to be there in person. Since LIWA has been caught up in the Chinese RTO conspiracy ring, it was at least symbolically important for them

Significant Upside Potential at Lihua International

Early this morning, Lihua International (LIWA) officially reported Q4 earnings. The results were not much of a surprise after having preannounced on the 6th. The company reported sales growth of 164% for the quarter and 129% for the year. The company reported a whopping $.45 in earnings yet the stock trades sub $12. The company currently forecasts $53M in net income for 2011 or roughly $1.8 per

Fushi Copperweld Going Private Could Be Huge for Chinese Equity Valuations

At first glance, it might not appear that a small Chinese manufacturer of copper wire for various industries would be that crucial to the Chinese small cap sector as a whole. The key is that the Co-CEO has made an offer to take the company private for $11.50, or roughly 20% above current prices.It could open the door to higher valuations in the sector as a whole, or maybe similar transactions

Lihua Provides Strong Preliminary Numbers

Lihua International (LIWA) provided preliminary unaudited numbers yesterday that exceeded previous 2010 guidance. They also introduced 2011 guidance that basically met analyst estimates and provided for 30-35% earnings growth. Strip out cash and the stock trades for roughly 4x 2011 estimates. LIWA is leading Chinese developer, designer, and manufacturer of low cost, high quality alternatives to

Lihua International Announces Big $15M Share Repurchase Program

After the markets closed today, Lihua International (LIWA) announced the approval of a $15M share repurchase program. This program equals roughly 5% of the outstanding shares. at current prices around $10. While not a big fan of small growth companies engaging in such uses of cash when they could potentially use the cash for further expansion, it might be prudent in this case to at least

Global Hunter on Lihua International

Interesting comments on Lihua International (LIWA) by Global Hunter on especially considering the negative story posted all over the internet claiming fraud. So far the fraud claims seem far fetched, but you never know. Also interesting that the fraud claim wasn't addressed especially since it appears this analyst has visited their sites in China. Global Hunter isn't a big name on

Lihua International Sees Even Higher Demand for Copper Products

Lihua International (LIWA) remains a top investment in the Opportunistic portfolios as its recycled and refined copper products remain in high demand in China. Today LIWA upped copper anodes product shipments for 2010 and increased the demand for 2011. Considering that LIWA already had demand in excess of supply even after doubling capacity, this is more great news for the company that trades at

Merrill Lynch Predicts 35% Rise for Copper in 2011

Anybody following this blog should know that we've been bullish on Copper basically from the start nearly 2 years ago. Copper is an industrial medal in high demand in emerging markets. The basic thesis for rising prices is that supply continues to be constrained due to decreasing productivity from aging mines and a general lack of new mines topped by surging demand in China. The one wild card has

Bullish Case For China Recyclers interviews Joe Giamichael, managing director and head of China research at Global Hunter Securities, about his bull case for the recycling sector in China. A couple of stocks that we follow in the recycling area include Lihua International (LIWA) for copper and China Aramco (CNAM) for iron ore. Along with Stone Fox Capital, Joe is bullish on LIWA. He provides some great details on

Lihua International Sees Strong Demand for Copper Products

Prior to the open today, Lihua International (LIWA) posted earnings that beat analyst expectations. With only a couple of analysts following LIWA, that generally isn't that worthwhile. While news that the company is upping full year guidance and that they see strong demand in 2011 is extremely useful. LIWA reported revenue of $96.3M which was 135% over last year. EPS was $.33 versus $.13 last

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