Stock Slinging

It seems that most forex and futures symbols continue to run in circles ahead of the Friday presidential inauguration and unfortunately I found little to share on that front. Which leaves us only with stock symbols but fortunately I was able to uncover a few goodies.


First a quick update on our LXP campaign which I posted for the subs last week. We snagged a pretty decent entry and thus far it’s sticking to the script. Time to advance or stop to near the break/even mark at 10.79.


APC is a possible long term campaign which is why I’m showing you the weekly and monthly panels. As you can see it’s been trading inside of tight range for the past few weeks and I’m sure it wants out. As it’s near the lower boundary plus given the monthly context I am tempted to grab a long position with a stop below 68.


Seasonality courtesy of Financhill – click on the chart or here to look at a dynamic chart plus some juicy stats. I don’t see any red flags here so this is a go for me.


LOW has been trading even lower lately but managed to reconquer a daily NLBL plus its 100-day SMA. I’m interested in a long position but only if it drops back down to the 72 mark. Stop would be placed below 70 – how’s that for nice round numbers?


Seasonality very supportive – we’re looking good here.


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