Puda Coal Faces Fraud Allegations

Puda Coal (PUDA) is a coal mine consolidator and met coal washer in China that has been hit by fraud allegations from a noted short seller. At question is whether the Chairman of PUDA illegally transferred shares from a subsidiary 90% owned by PUDA to himself, then sold 49% of the shares to CITIC (China govt fund) and further pledged the other 51% for a massive loan that could threaten to

Puda Coal Explodes to 3 Year High

Anybody following this blog knows that Puda Coal (PUDA) has been one of our favorite stocks. PUDA was a small cap Chinese coal washing company trading at 4x estimates when we originally bought the stock. They are in the process of becoming a coal mine consolidator with numerous deals in the works. These consolidation deals provide huge upside for the stock, Read previous posts for more details on

Hot on Puda Coal!

Typically I don't post videos of companies that are mentioned on TV, but its rare to see somebody talking about one of the small caps that we own. Puda Coal (PUDA) is a leading coal mine consolidator in China and met coal washer. Last night on CNBC Aisa, the CEO of Pacific Sun Investment Management did a great job of discussing the bright future of PUDA. As he mentions, PUDA remains a very cheap

China Market Jumps to Close September

After a few weeks of looking like the China market might just roll over and signal a move down in the market, the Shanghai Index jumped solid back into positive technical levels. Copper and oil have broken out as well so it appears that October is set up for some gains in the stock market as well. The two smallcap China stocks we own, Puda Coal (PUDA) and Lihua International (LIWA) also appear

Puda Coal Reports Monster Results

This morning Puda Coal (PUDA) reported a whopping 50% beat on its Q2 earnings. PUDA reported .36 while the street expected only .24. PUDA is a coal mine consolidator and producer of clean metallurgical coal in China. Being an uplisted Chinese stock it is still very untrusted and under followed. They reported $82M in revenue for the quarter so its not a small operation. Not to mention that the

China Watch: China Up, US/Japan Down

It seems some of the developed markets still haven't figured out that China and the emerging markets rule the world now. The US was down Friday and Japan is weak tonight based on a weak Q2 GDP report. But does it matter when China was up nicely on Friday and is up another 1.3% today?Anybody looking at the wrong markets is likely to underperform the remaining months of this year. The stock markets

Puda Coal Signs Deal For Investment in 6 Mines

Finally some news from Puda Coal (PUDA), Chinese coal consolidator, on funding for them to acquire and consolidate 6 more mines in China under Phase II of the Pinglu Project. Being that PUDA has a market cap of roughly $200M, a lot of uncertainty hung over the stock due to the expected $150M needed to acquire these 6 mines and then upgrade them. Not to mention another 4 mine project in the works

China Inks Even More Deals For Australia Mining Assets

Even in the face of a 40% mining tax, China is still busy investing in Australia. That seems rather remarkable as any company or country with time on its hand would rather skip or defer any investments in Australia at this point. Maybe they have some inside knowledge that the proposed 40% tax will be greatly reduced, but this type of move only gives the government of Australia more ammunition to

Puda Coal Obtains Analyst Coverage from Brean Murray – Target $17

Brean Murray came out with a Buy rating on Puda Coal (PUDA) today with a $17 target. PUDA was trading sub $10 yesterday and is currently up 12% today with a new 52 week high. Since PUDA was an uplisted China stock, its greatly lacked in visibility even though its in the process of consolidating 12 coal mines that are in high demand in China. This coverage should go a long way in providing

Puda Coal Cools Off But It’ll Heat Up Again

China is the largest user of coal and now they've become a major net importer in the last few years. Although China has embarked on several programs to focus on renewable energy sources such as solar and wind they will rely on coal fired electricity for a long time with some sources estimating that China will nearly double coal use by 2030.The coal industry in China is very fragmented. Many of

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