Could The Miners Have Provided The Ultimate Fake Out?

by Avi Gilburt, First published Sat Jan 7 for members of  This past week saw a very nice move higher in the GDX and gold, but silver has seriously lagged, which does dampen any outright bullishness at this time.  But, let’s review where we stand overall. Several weeks ago, as the GDX broke down below […]

Wild Morning

We’re only a few hours into the trading day, and there’s already a lot happening. I’m watching the Trump press conference right now, and his words are definitely pushing sectors around, including, notably biotech. My Mexican short idea, shown below, continues to break down nicely, and the core failure (that long red horizontal line) is […]

FA La La La La

The NASDAQ has been red-hot lately, hitting lifetime times pretty much every day. Well, enough is enough. I’ve turned my attention toward a couple of issues that are close to filling their gaps. Late in the day on Tuesday, I shorted Amazon….. …….and Facebook….. I’ve set my stop-loss price level just above the gap close, […]

Hanging in There with DUST

I’m very pleased with the breakdown in crude oil and in Mexico (EWW), both of which I’ve written about quite a lot lately. One trade that hasn’t blossomed yet is my DUST (triple-short on precious metals miners) long, but I’m keeping the faith. Looking at the big picture of, say, NUGT, this seems quite bearish. […]

The TF Falling Wedge Breaks Up

The very nicely formed falling wedge on TF has broken up. Triangle support and the monthly pivot were broken slightly overnight, and Stan & I were looking at that last night and felt that a marginal break, like the one seen overnight, wouldn’t invalidate the bull scenario. If TF can get back over the weekly […]
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